How to write a library from a stand-alone program

There are lots of open-source programs out there. It can be anything from example files in a SDK to fully-fledged projects on GitHub or Google Code. One often wants to include the logic of these programs into her own projects. A beginner may think that the easiest way would be to write some shell code that takes the example program as-is, and tries convoluted ways to transform inputs/outputs adapter for testing and visual inspection into machine-processable data.

Simple face recognition using OpenCV

OpenCV is an open-source library for computer vision. It has hooks in C, C++ and Python, numerous artificial vision routines and is portable across systems. If you want to develop an open-source computer-vision program, OpenCV is a library of choice. Face recognition As a personal project, I want to build a face recognition program for videos. As a first step, I want to recognize faces in still images, where several faces are present.